Friday, January 23, 2009

4 vs 10

So, when Paul unfortunately had to sub out a gig, we were lucky to have Lisa join us on bass.


Now, if you'll remember, Paul has a four-string bass.  A very very nice one.  But despite theimage jiggery-pokery in that earlier posting, it's total string quotient is Four (4).   If you look at a five-string bass.  Or just, imagine one.  In your head.  


Then subtract one string...and... You get Paul's bass.  


One less.


Minus one. 


So back to Lisa, who:

 - arrived with a 5-string bass. (Nice, Lisa!)

 - arrived with a 5 -string stand-up bass (Whoa!)

 - asked for more lead vocals in her monitor (I beg your pardon?)




(wait for it)


 - asked for more guitar in her monitor.


Wait. wait. wait.  Was that a typo?




No, it wasn't.


Lisa. Asked. For. More. Guitar. In. Her. Monitor.


Ergo: Lisa knows which side her her bread is buttered. 



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