Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Co-conspirator or witless chucklehead?

Chucklehead. Now that is a great word--just feels good rolling off the tongue.

Unfortunately, hoto, I can't speak to that issue for you. The interpretation really lies in your own sense of worth. Or perhaps, guilt.

I can, however, speak to the fairly raised question of the timing of Sheldon's public emergence from the gutter. I think it traces back to Gentle Paul, and Gentle Mike, and Gentle Ken, and all those who preceded you in the band. We lived in a world of subtle nuance, and my innocence reigned unchecked. Enter, hoto, regaling us with detailed accounts of kidney stones, treatments, and bloody results on breaks at our very first gig. I believe Sheldon discovered a kindred spirit that night and the whole safety-in-numbers thing burst the dam. Perhaps that puts you more in the catalyst camp. I'm not sure.

Of this, however, I am sure. Subtle nuance has not characteristically been your style, and I think I speak for us all when I say: learn? ok. change? please, no!

virtual love and hugs all around, except to Gentle Paul whom we know is not so comfortable with that sort of thing...


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Innocence Lost

Ah, Ruth; Desperately trying to hang on to the vestiges of her childlike innocence, surrounded by brains saturated with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things prurient.

I would agree that her ignorance of alternative, deviant, and downright abhorrent lifesyles has been reduced dramatically in the past few years.  What I find interesting is that Ruth and Sheldon were musical partners for many many years, during which Sheldon seems to have shared nary a whit of his extensive understanding of these matters.  And yet when I show up, the dam seems to have burst, and Sheldon now appears to consider band rehearsals to be an outlet for his aberrant wit.


Therein lies the rub.  Am I co-defendant or catalyst?   Co-conspirator or witless chucklehead?  I may never know …   It is a zero-sum, chicken:egg game.

When it comes down to it really, to coin a blues phrase,  "...'taint no thang, I s'pose."

And I for one welcome Ruth's newfound understanding of the broader world around her.  

However, in deference to Gentle Paul, I also am beginning to understand the value of subtlety and nuance.

Hey!  I've learned something in this band.

--- H

One voice, strangely absent...

Where the heck is Sheldon's voice in all this? Mr. Smart-Crack-About-Everyone, silent! Well, we watched part of the new Family Guy series this weekend after spending EVERY LIVING MOMENT OF THE LAST 3 DAYS moving Sheldon and his cats. There's this scene...cow, branding iron, red ball, strap. Of course, being the band innocent, the joke was lost on me. Giz. Anyway, Sheldon educated me once again with his comment, "Oh, that's a typical S&M thing..." Typical?? How does he know "typical"??? The implication here is that he can tell typical from non-typical. It implies discerning knowledge of the subject. What the heck??? So, of course, I asked how exactly he knew. His reply? Blushing that deep red we all know and love, he smiled and said, "Ask Hoto, he'll tell you the same thing." Hmmmm.

Friday, October 24, 2008

You know I got skills

C'mon Paul … I would have made you one.  You know I'm handy in the woodshop.

Here's one I made earlier.


… Hoto

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well I hope this makes you all happy! I totally ruined any "vintage" value in my beautiful and rare 1980 Musicman Cutlass 1... Got her up on the work bench last night, and grafted that bleedin' extra string that you all seem to be so keen on. Go on, count them you buggers! 5...OK!!! I hope you're satisfied.
Back to work now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look how upset he is!

To the thief who stole the fifth string from Paul's bass, the Bradley McGillivray band would like to extend complete amnesty in the event of it's return, no questions asked, all in the hopes that Paul here, obviously embittered and on the verge of tears, can have his mojo back.

Leanne…have you seen it anywhere … the Fifth String that should be on Paul's bass?

Have you ever seen him so, beside himself?

Just one more tiny, itty bitty string. 

Fifth string anyone? 

Poor P. <<...>>

---regards,  Hoto

Where the rhythm section does some of their best work

Where the REAL work gets done in this band

Self Portrait

Indulging ourselves at a recent gig.

The essence of ho-to

Nice photo hoto--thanks for that. Oh, look what I found! I believe it was taken on the same road trip. I think it really captures your stylistic expression and leadership in the rhythm section.

Back atcha baby...

Possibly my favourite picture of Ruth and Sheldon

As leaders of this fine organization, I think this captures the razor sharp focus with which they lead this band, and the unambiguous direction in which they head.


Now THAT was easy

You see, leaving things like blogging up to Sheldon and Ruth is like, well, leaving things like Sunday School singalongs up to me: It just ain't gonna get done right.

So, here we are.  A simple blog.  Simple to post to and simple for the band to maintain.

What are we going to use this for?  … ooh, I don't know.

Slagging each other, I hope.

Smooches and goodnight.