Sunday, October 26, 2008

One voice, strangely absent...

Where the heck is Sheldon's voice in all this? Mr. Smart-Crack-About-Everyone, silent! Well, we watched part of the new Family Guy series this weekend after spending EVERY LIVING MOMENT OF THE LAST 3 DAYS moving Sheldon and his cats. There's this scene...cow, branding iron, red ball, strap. Of course, being the band innocent, the joke was lost on me. Giz. Anyway, Sheldon educated me once again with his comment, "Oh, that's a typical S&M thing..." Typical?? How does he know "typical"??? The implication here is that he can tell typical from non-typical. It implies discerning knowledge of the subject. What the heck??? So, of course, I asked how exactly he knew. His reply? Blushing that deep red we all know and love, he smiled and said, "Ask Hoto, he'll tell you the same thing." Hmmmm.

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