Friday, January 23, 2009

4 vs 10

So, when Paul unfortunately had to sub out a gig, we were lucky to have Lisa join us on bass.


Now, if you'll remember, Paul has a four-string bass.  A very very nice one.  But despite theimage jiggery-pokery in that earlier posting, it's total string quotient is Four (4).   If you look at a five-string bass.  Or just, imagine one.  In your head.  


Then subtract one string...and... You get Paul's bass.  


One less.


Minus one. 


So back to Lisa, who:

 - arrived with a 5-string bass. (Nice, Lisa!)

 - arrived with a 5 -string stand-up bass (Whoa!)

 - asked for more lead vocals in her monitor (I beg your pardon?)




(wait for it)


 - asked for more guitar in her monitor.


Wait. wait. wait.  Was that a typo?




No, it wasn't.


Lisa. Asked. For. More. Guitar. In. Her. Monitor.


Ergo: Lisa knows which side her her bread is buttered. 



Saturday, January 17, 2009

Un Petit Fromage

So at the otherwise stellar Joey DeFrancesco concert at the beloved Cellar Jazz Club, Paul decides he doesn't want a desert from the menu, so asks for some cheese instead.

No, you have to realize that dinners at the Cellar are to be anticipated and consumed with great relish. The food is truly outstanding by any measure. Given that the prix fix menu is typically under $30, it is a bargain rarely matched, even without great jazz happening in front of your very eyes.

And then ... Inexplicably .... this.

Nectar of the Gods

Paul has escalated us from the sublime ( to the utterly ridiculous with this succulent ale from the shores of Howe Sound.