Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi sweetheart. How's your trip going? ... Uh huh.. Oh good.

Oh, everything's just fine here at home.

Yes, I miss you too.

Say, you know how you always said that two Yamaha drum kits is enough ... Right remember ? And you know how I love Yamaha drums, right?

And you know how I always say that 'wouldn't it be nice if I could still gig when you have the SUV and I only have the sports car, and my other two drums kits won't fit in the sports car? And sometimes I can't rehearse or gig when that happens? ' 

You know?  ...  How I sometimes say that?

Yes .... Yes I know that I already have two beautiful drumkits.

Yes, sweetheart, you're right, we have nowhere to put another drumkit.

What's that?

Yes, I know its not practical to store two sets of drums in a thousand square foot apartment.


Yes, you are absolutely right.

Oh n-nothing.

No reason. Just  ..  you know .... Making coversation 'n stuff.

I love you too.

See you tomorrow.


  1. It's SO CUTE! How big is it... is that 4" bass drum?
    Do you use little tiny sticks?

  2. So, I hit "Next Blog" at the top of my blog and ended up here. I went ahead and checked out your website - nice sound, tight but just loose enough to really I said, nice...

    Feel free to pass by my blog sometime. I'm working on a music project as part of finishing up a Master's in Ministry and would love your input.