Monday, October 19, 2009

Magic in the Cellar

There's a reason the Cellar Jazz Club is considered one of the top 100 jazz clubs worldwide...everything in the place comes from the heart. The food, the art, the service, and especially, the music :-)

There was true magic in the Cellar last night. Thanks to old friends for coming out (Jeanine, Laura, Leslie, Marc, Celia, Jeff, Mike, Jen, Leanne, Shelley, know who you are...),

and all the new ones we met (not one, but two Michaels, Brock, Shauna, Phil, Valentine, the beautiful women from Frankfurt, and the know who you are...).

The staff, the food, all fantastic.

The thing is, all of us there, listening and living the music, focused on a single moment, well, there's nothing like it, and that's the unique magic of live music. We're the lucky ones who get that it's something special...

Thanks again, everyone, for an incredible night...the band's floatin' on air and already looking forward to next time.


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